The first Gallery's opening was dated 1959. Ermanno was the first of the Vannucci's, his sons Enrico and Alessandro succedeed to him. Massimiliano, Enrico's son, is the new entry. Two relocations, the third as soon as possible. The same spirit and the same desire of monitoring ferments blowing inside and outside borders. So strong is the relationship with our artists, together we choose and trace common paths. We believe in team player, engaging smart partners. Art explorers, leading us through new but valuable tracks: a guarantee for our collectors. We are a substance gallery: we look forward and, in the same time, we look backword. We need it to align the compass. 

The annuale gallery programm consists of
solo or collective Exhibition, dedicated to our territory artists: Marino Marini, Nigro.
contemporary italian artists Exhibitions: Spoerri, Ceroli, Accardi, Spagnulo, Kounellis. Pistoletto.
For the new contemporary: Surdi, Antonello Ghezzi, Corneli, Caccioni, Termini, Tomaino, Tomboloni.